dinsdag 4 augustus 2009

Espagna por favor!

After showing a lot of fighting spirit our national ladies aka MissB ended at the 5th position, (maybe 3th place was ours because we've beaten the spanish girls and they finished 3th instead of us, stranngeeee but we can deal with that) exactly the same place as where the open team ended up. 11 women, somethimes 10 because I wasn't in full force (Nele M., Ester, Ella, Jane, Nathalie, Sofie, Charlotte, Lien, Lies, Maren and myself), resisted the heat (35°C without any shadow!) and the hungry (don't let me start about that topic..) and managed to take victory over Spain the first day (who won the spirit) after a very intens, thriller game where the support pushed us to the max and to play real smooth..! We came back from 11-5 and ended with the deserved victory (14-13). Never thought a swimmingpool would be that nice after such a heavy, hot and sweating day!
Another victory was easily completed against the UK girls (not the national team but a mixed up dream team) ending at 17-3.
The battle of the lowlands ended in favour of the dutch girls but MissB showed to be a very worthy opponent but couldn't stand it till the end. (endscore 15-12).
The french women (who in the end won the tournament) were simply a bit too strong and organised for us at the first game of the first day 17-8.
At sundaymorning 8 a..m., yeah you read it right, 8 a.m. but uhum 'luckly' there was no party at all so we went to sleep early (or some smart ones of us did) so we started the sunny sunday with only 10 girls (I didn't play that game because of my stupid necktroubles) against 18 tornados from Ireland. We have to say it: Ireland was too strong and with too many but damn we played very well and may be proud of what we've done! (12-10)
Some of us had to leave early on mondaymorning, a plane doesn't wait these days, and some of us shopped a little bit, eated finally a real meal after 4 days of crappy things, enjoyed sangria or ice cream. Yipyip as always: MissB was there, had fun, they saw us and especially they heared us so.. lets go toooooooo LONDEN and kick some asses all over the world, alright!

Pictures and video's:

www.the8nations.com/index.php/pictures2009.html for more clear pictures and video's

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKqCXow0utQ (Spain- MissB, last point = hammertime! Thanks to Sofie and ouch yes I died a little bit that last point)

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