maandag 30 november 2009

MISSB 2009-2010!

After 3 try-outs we can finally say it out loud: our amazing MissBteam is born, HOERAY! We noticed a few very good women who are talented and motivated soooo it was no option to let them go!

Who's this year on our dreamteam?
Ana Pires, Anouk Bonte, Charlotte Bruns, Claida Anuar, Ella Cromheecke, Frederique Daublain, Jane Van Coillie, Janne Ver Eecke, Jolien De Ruytter, Justine Spits, Lien Vandamme, Lies Vandaele, Liesl Vanautgaerden, Linda Barry, Louise Stroobandt, Mieke Deschodt, Nathalie Wellens, Nele Masschaele, Nele Simons, Nina Beghin, Patricia Verhoelst, Silke Delafortrie, Sofie Sap, Wen Decoster, Willeke Wuille and of course our lovely coach Anouk Savineau and our 'behind the scene worker' Annemie Anckaert.

That counts 25 crazy MissBgirls and a leadership with three A's and one N':
Annemie Anckaert
Anouk Bonte
Anouk Savineau
Nele Masschaele

Hope we're going to have a MAZZELTOV year!

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