woensdag 24 november 2010

MissB Selections 2010-2011

This year there will be three MissB teams. All of us will be training together, but only some of us will be going to the European Championships:

1 - the MissB EUC team: These are the people who will represent Belgium at the European Ultimate Championships in July.
2 - The MissB EUC reserve team: these are the ladies who will be "on call" in case anyone drops out of the MissB EUC team because of an injury, pregnancy, or similar.
3 - The MissB practice team: These are the people who are welcome to come to MissB practices to train, but who will not go to the European Championships with MissB (most of you will be going with the mixed team).

MissB EUC Team:
Anna Kubina, Anne Debongnie Rebecca Stael, Joëlle Coppée, Jolien De Ruytter, Justine Spits, Linde De Weerdt, Lore Michiels, Louise Stroobandt, Naomi Noels, Nele Masschaele, Nele Strijbol, Nina Beghin , Olivia Gillieaux, Sabine Wuytens, Sara Bijttebier, Silke Delafortrie
Solenn Després, Sofie Sap

MissB EUC Reserve Team
Sofie Coppens, Marilien Van Oudenhove, Mieke Deschodt, Iris Van Audenhove

MissB Practice Team:
Annemie Anckaert, Anouk Bonte, Charlotte Bruns, Claida Anuar, Frederique Daublain, Gudrun Jacques, Heleen Gadeyne, Ine Lanckriet, Lien Vandamme, Liesl Vanautgaerden, Willeke Wuille

Congratulations to all of you, I hope you are ready to play hard and have fun!

Anouk Savineau, Nele, and Annemie

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