maandag 9 maart 2009

Our MissB Traveling Team is born!

Well, it wasn't easy to make our selections for the MissB Traveling Team. There were over 40 talented ladies to choose from, unfortunately for just 19 spots on The Traveling Team.

So here is the list of players who were selected for the MissB Traveling Team:
Annemie Anckaert, Anouk Bonte, Charlotte Bruns, Ella Cromheecke, Wen Decoster, Maren de Dobbeleer, Nele de Roo, Heleen Gadeyne, Ester Hofman, Ine Lanckriet, Nele Masschaele, Sofie Sap, Liesl Vanautgaerden, Jane van Coillie, Lien van Damme, Marilien van Oudenove, Patricia Verhoelst, Nathalie Wellens and Willeke Wuille.

Congratulations to all of you!

This is also important: We really hope that those who were not selected will continue coming to the practices and still love MissB. Remember that the future of women's ultimate in Belgium depends on all of us. If we want to make Belgium a powerhouse in women's ultimate, we must all keep playing, all keep getting better and just all have fun in playing ultimate, Yes We Can!

Let's go girls!

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