donderdag 23 april 2009

The Time has come to

I'm pretty sure that some of us are still recovering from a weekend full of hard ultimate but we just can't get enough sooo ..
Ladies, it's time to grab your buddy, your playbook, your shoes, your energy(drinks), your lovely pink and olive green shirts, your enthusiasm, your... because Tom's Tourney is coming our way! Last year MissB was the Spirit of the Game-Queen, maybe this year again? We will see in a few weeks..
What is certain? It's gonna be hard and heavy if we have a look at our opponents:

1.Copenhagen (Copenhagen, DK) 2.Cusb-DDT (Bologna, I) 3.Deadly Buzz (Dublin, IRE) 4.Gentleladies (Gent, B) 5.Gronical Dizziness (Groningen, NL) 6.ISO (London, UK) 7.Leeds women (Leeds, UK) 8.Mainzelmaedchen (Mainz, D) 9.MissB (B) 10.Pin UP (Brussel/Paris, B) 11.Primavera Olandese (NL) 12.Sista (Paris, F) 13.Tequila Boom Boom (Rimini, I)14.Tramuntana (Girona, E) 15.Yaka (F) 16.???

..but that doesn't mean it will not be fun, everyone goes fun fun fun!

And since I'm in a sunny-singing mood especially for the new ones (or for the girls which are still not aware of our magical song, shame on you for that!)
MissB go(ld) always believe in your soul, you've got the power to know you're indestructible, always believin', MISSB GO (LD) !

See you soon @ the field in Brugge!

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